4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game

Sudoku.com - 4 Reasons that Sudoku is the Perfect Puzzle Game

Sudoku is a unique puzzle game that offers a variety of cognitive challenges – logic, deductive reasoning, memory, pattern seeking, and problem solving. Sudoku has become so popular because it appeals to a wide range of people across cultures, because it’s easy to play anywhere, because it has a simple premise with a rich array of complex outcomes.

Sudoku is fun, fulfilling, and sometimes devilishly challenging – it has something to offer everyone on the spectrum from casual fans to hardcore enthusiasts and world-class competitors.

There are many reasons why Sudoku has captured the imagination of so many people – here are a few reasons why Sudoku is, perhaps, the perfect puzzle game: Continue reading

4 Misconceptions About Playing Sudoku

Sudoku.com - 4 Misconceptions About Playing Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular puzzle games, but there are still a lot of misunderstandings, myths and misconceptions about the game. It’s hard to know why such a simple game of numbers and blank spaces can be so mysterious, but some people just don’t know the true story about what Sudoku really is.

Here are few of the most common Sudoku myths and misconceptions – and the reality: Continue reading

Why Sudoku Should be Mandatory in Schools


This might sound like a controversial statement, but it deserves to be considered: we should make Sudoku mandatory in schools. Sudoku is not just a great game; it also offers potential as a great teaching tool and a great way to get children’s minds engaged with problem-solving skills at a young age. There has also been some recent research that suggests Sudoku can improve children’s memory and improve their learning abilities for other subjects in addition to learning how to play Sudoku.

Will Sudoku replace Math, Science and Reading? Of course not – but there are a few reasons why Sudoku ought to be included in the classroom: Continue reading

Happy New Year! Why Not Learn How to Play Sudoku in 2015?


The New Year is a time of renewal, re-energizing, and re-evaluating how we want to spend our time. Many people make New Year’s resolutions or decide to take up a new hobby in the New Year ahead; some people want to improve their health or relax more or otherwise take better care of themselves. So why not combine a few of these goals by deciding to learn how to play Sudoku this year?

There are a few reasons why you might want to add “learning Sudoku” to your list of New Year’s Resolutions: Continue reading

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