3 Reasons to Play Sudoku Online Rather than on Paper


In the early days of the Sudoku craze, Sudoku used to be played with pen and paper. Commuters played Sudoku on newspapers on their laps, or in paper Sudoku books with dozens or hundreds of pages of puzzles. The reason for this legacy of pen and paper is because Sudoku used to be published in newspapers – in fact, the first number puzzles similar to modern Sudoku puzzles appeared in a French newspaper in 1895. Continue reading

Sudoku for Kids: “Good Idea!” or “Give Me a Break!”

Sudoku.com---Sudoku for Kids

There is some disagreement as to whether Sudoku is a good game for kids. Some parents are skeptical that Sudoku is really an age-appropriate game, or wonder if it’s only for older people, or doubt that it can really help their kids learn. Other parents are happy to let their kids play Sudoku, figuring that at least it’s better than watching TV or playing video games. Continue reading

3 Things Almost All Beginner Sudoku Players Get Wrong

Sudoku.com - 3 Things Almost All Beginner Sudoku Players Get Wrong

Playing Sudoku for the first time can be an intimidating experience. It might seem overwhelming if you’re a beginner Sudoku player who’s trying to figure out the right way to place numbers on the grid and solve the puzzle. Learning how to play Sudoku presents a lot of unique challenges, but you will learn faster if you can avoid some of these common things that beginner Sudoku players get wrong.

Here are some of the common mistakes of beginner Sudoku players: Continue reading

4 Unexpected Reasons to Play Sudoku Daily

Sudoku - 4 Unexpected Reasons to Play Sudoku Daily

Sudoku is a fun, challenging, mentally stimulating game. Lots of people find that Sudoku can feel almost addictive – you want to keep playing it as much as possible, and the better you get, the more you enjoy the game.

Sudoku is such a popular game in part because it’s so versatile. Anyone can play Sudoku, in any location, at almost any time. And if you make Sudoku a regular part of your routine, you will find that your life is a lot more fun.

Here are a few reasons why you should play Sudoku daily: Continue reading

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