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3 Reasons Why Playing Sudoku is so Much Fun

Sudoku has become one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, but what exactly is it about playing Sudoku that people find to be so much fun? Sudoku is a relatively simple game of placing missing numbers in the correct spaces on a grid – so why is the game of Sudoku so engrossing and addictive? What is it that makes Sudoku so much fun, so that people want to play Sudoku daily?
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How to Solve Sudoku Puzzles – Real Tips and Advice (Part 1)

How to solve sudoku puzzles

Sudoku is one of the most popular online puzzle games in the world, and many people want to know how to solve Sudoku puzzles. In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step advice and insights using a real Sudoku puzzle.

Here is a real “Beginner” level Sudoku grid from that illustrates several key strategies for solving Sudoku puzzles. We’ll walk through the process of solving this puzzle to Continue reading

5 Sudoku Tips for Absolute Beginners


Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular puzzle games, spreading from its origins in Japan to become a regular part of everyday life for millions of Sudoku enthusiasts all over the world. If you’re new to Sudoku and want to learn some helpful Sudoku tips, here are a few examples of how you can raise your game at Sudoku:

Look for the easy play first: When you first start to play a Sudoku puzzle, look for where you have the easiest opportunities to add a number. Usually this is where there is a crowded square or a row that is almost full of numbers. Sometimes, especially on the Easy-rated Sudoku puzzles, you can quickly use process of elimination to figure out where to place a number. For example, if there is a square that already has numbers 1-7, you know that you Continue reading

5 Reasons to Play Sudoku


During the past 10 years, Sudoku has emerged as one of the most popular puzzle games in the world, with millions of Sudoku books sold, and millions of people playing Sudoku online or via mobile apps. This simple-looking grid of numbers seems like an unlikely source of so much excitement – so, why is Sudoku so popular? Why do people love to play Sudoku? What is the unique appeal of this number game? Continue reading